Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wedding Card Gazebo

Happy Thursday!!  My sister's wedding is tomorrow and I've been a teensy bit busy over here baking cookies (we have full-on cookie tables at our weddings) and making some gifts for the soon-to-be-mr-and-mrs.  Since I can't show the gifties yet, here's a peek of the decorated card gazebo (yes, card gazebo)

The gazebo is pretty on it's own, but since everything else is going to be decked out, why not gussy it up too.  I started with the gazebo, tulle on a roll, a nifty LED wired floral spray and a silk hydrangea bush.  I found the LED lights in the floral section of Jo Anns.  According to the packaging, they're meant to be added to silk vase arrangements.  Maybe it's just me, but I think that's kinda odd - when was the last time that you had a floral arrangement come with lights?  But anyway, I liked that the lights are battery powered and figured that I could do something with them.  And after playing with them a little, I thought they'd look lovely going around the gazebo, softened with a bit of tulle.  Here's how the decorating was done...

Bend the LED light spray into a crown/halo shape and use the tulle to bind it to the gazebo - go around twice with the tulle to really soften the lights and create a bit of pouf

Insert ugly green battery case into a standard white jewlery box (the kind you get when buying earrings or bracelets at a department store) to hide the ugly green-ness

Tie the ends of the tulle (used in step 1) into a pretty poufy bow

Hot glue three hydrangea sections onto the gazebo above the door and add a little tulle pouf to the very top (I forgot to take pictures of this part - I simply cannot hot glue and operate a camera at the same time).

Stand back and admire your work :)  I like this so much that I'm trying to find a spot in my house to put one.  I'm thinking a Halloween one would be fantastic - imgine black tulle.. orange lights..  I feel another project coming on ;)


willoughbywhimsy said...

Great idea in the way you hid the electrical box! Your project I'm sure will be a hit at the wedding!

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Oh this turned out SOOO cute!!! I may have to try this for my daughter's wedding in May :) Thank you so much for sharing this!! I can't wait to see your other gifties :)

Anke said...

Looks really cute. I like the idea of changing the tulle according to the seasons.

Donene said...

Very cute and I'm sure the cards will feel so secure! said...

looks like your comments are a little wacky!
great job on the gazebo for cards!
congrats to the mr and mrs!


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