Monday, March 4, 2013

Wedding Gift Roundup

Only two more months until my 'little' brother ties the knot with his sweetie.  Since I believe that all occasions, especially weddings, deserve a unique gift, I've been trolling Pinterest for ideas.  Here is a roundup of my top 8 favorites.  Now I just need to narrow it down and start crafting!

1 - I love the modern style of this print  {source}
2 - Awesomesauce shirts for the bride & groom  {source} and {source}
3 - My brother would appreciate this - we love (and randomly quote) The Princess Bride!  {source}
4 - The first day of your family box would be such an amazing keepsake {source}
5 - How stinkin adorable is this clothespin!  {source}
6 - This would be sweet in a print too  {source}
7 - A lovely ornament that doesn't scream 'Our First Christmas'  {source}
8 - The wedding is on St. Thomas - a heart framed map of the island would be such a sweet reminder of the day  {source}

For more wedding gift ideas, check out my Pinterest board :)


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