Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Tuesday!  So this is my blog, right?  Somehow I got a bit caught up in the crazy crafty side of things and my smoothie started to get a little off balance.  Crafty I am, but it's just one little part of what makes me...me.  And really, who wants the 2D version of me?  I'm sooooo much better in livin color (yep, I know I mixed my analogies)  So I'm adding in some more of the wacky (oh yes, I said wacky) me to this transcript of my life.  Okaaaay, now that I got that out of the way...

Over this past summer I've gained a little weight.  I'm generally a flux 5-10 pounds kinda girl.  And I'm up in the 9 3/4 extra pounds range.  I hate going into the holidays already maxed out (in both weight and finances) and really, I'm just a little sick of my belly bulge.  So this is my 'throwin it out there for the world to see' challenge.  I'm setting a goal of losing 20 pounds by Christmas (um...2010, just in case I tried to cheat later - oh yeah, I'm like that).  This is really a stretch goal for me and I'm hoping that making it oh-so-public will help me when the going gets rough... like tomorrow morning :)  Wish me luck!

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