Tuesday, December 13, 2011

He Knows if You've Been Good or Bad...

This past Saturday we took our annual trip to see Santa.  This is the first year that Munchkin was excited to see him - he's been asking when we would be going every day for a week!  Of course it also means a 2 hour wait in line...for Dad...while Munchkin & I were finishing up some Christmas shopping.


And here's Munchkin's letter to Santa:


I had Munchkin dictate his list and then I printed it out in a tracing font.  Then I found a picture of each item for him to cut out and paste next to the word.  This ws one tot school activity that he was more than happy to complete!  In case you're curious...on his list are:

1 - Chop Saw (yes, my 4 year old would like a toy compound miter saw - I can't tell you how completely relieved excited I was that Fisher Price made one this year....I do not want to add toy tool building to my repertoir!)

2 - Super Hero (yep, any one will do)

3 - Guitar

4 - Drums (he wants a drum set...let's all think about that for a moment...not gonna happen.  I did cave and get him this tin drum- the Hubster does not know about this one...I'm sure you can guess why)

5 - Transformers (I have no idea how he knows that Transformers exist)

6 - Cars (as in Matchbox cars...when I mentioned that Santa may not bring everything on his list *ahem drum set* this is the one thing that he wanted to take off the list)

7 - Tools (yep, any tools would be fine...of course he already has just about every toy tool on the market - I'm pretty sure we're raising another diy-er)

8 - Pickup Truck (I soooo wanted this one to be an absolute complete surprise - he had never seen the bigger F150 truck in the store...until this weekend...darn you Walmart and your toy displays!)

It's sure to be a very merry and loud Christmas at our house!

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