Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hiya Again

Wow where does the time go?

I've been spending most of this year working on some life improvements.  Things that have me using up all my free time on things other than blogging (shut the front door!).  We're getting a little healthier, working out a little more, and my house may be a little (just a smidge) cleaner.  Now that I've got some of those things on track it's time to get back to a little bloggin...

When I said we're eating a little healthier, what I really meant was...we've cut out wheat...and grains...and soy...and most dairy...and most sugar...  We're going with a non-grain, low carb, low sugar existance.  I'm all in, and Hubbers and Munchkin are in for all the meals we eat at home (and about 50% of what we eat out).  Here's a look at some of the new (and honestly really delicious) recipes I've been trying out:

1 - Chicken with Tarragon-Mustard Sauce  {source}
2 - Terriyaki Chicken  {source}
3 - Chicken Salad in Avacado Cups  {source}
4 - Cheesecake without the Crust  {source}
5 - Raspberry Torte with Raspberry Coulis  {source}
6 - Cauliflower Crust Pizza  {source}
7 - Grain-Free Cream Cheese Crepes  {source}

For more low sugar/paleo/primal type recipes, check out my Pinterest board :)

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