Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Happy Wednesday!!  Back in the spring the hubs built a garden planter in the sliver of land that gets enough sunlight to sustain a garden.  Fast forward to yesterday, around noon.  I walked out onto the deck and saw a flurry of activity over at the garden box.  Then I saw a streak of brown chipmunk fur fly down the driveway and into the woods.  Hmmm, I thought.  Wonder what the chipmunk was...AAAACCCCKKKK!  That little creature managed to chomp through every ripe tomato on the vine.  And now he knows they're there.  He'll probably invite all of his chipmunk friends over for lunch tomorrow.  I'll have nothing left by the end of the day!  Here's the sad, sad carnage (note all the tomato flesh on the ground):

Next year, Alvin, we're going to have to employ some netting.  And some chipmunk traps.  I'm kidding...maybe.  I'll get you my Chippy, and your little friends too!

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