Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For Love of Laundry

Happy Tuesday!!  Over the past few months laudry has become a bit of a monster in our house.  It's not that we're creating more laundry, its just that I started to hate doing it.  The problem is that I was waiting to do all the laundry on the weekends.  There's something so depressing about starting a Saturday morning with a towering mountain of laundry.  So a little while ago I started a new resolution - one load a day.  It has been life transforming (okay, so maybe I need to get out more).  After a few weeks I am totally hooked on it!  Our laundry is completely caught up.  I have time to do something other than laundry on the weekends.  Even the hubs has noticed that he has more clean clothes in the closet (and doesn't have to beg for clean socks).  And here's the absolute best part - it's my no-fail, sure thing accomplishment for the day.  Even if everything else goes wrong (or I didn't muster up the strength to change out of my pj's), I can still go to bed feeling like I accomplished something.  Now I'm feeling a inspired to try out some of the 'clean a little every day' approaches to housework.  Does anyone else use the 'little bit every day approach'?  Does it work for you?

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