Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas...

Happy Monday!!  Whew - Christmas is THIS WEEK!  Now that much of our holiday shopping...baking...crafting craziness is drawing to an end, we have time to do some fun tot-tivities this week :)  Here's what we're up to...

Letter of the Week: C

Creative, Crafty, Sensory Fun:
  • C is for Christmas letter craft
  • Graham cracker 'gingerbread' house
  • Christmas sensory tub
  • Forrest of christmas trees paper collage (using some lovely glitter christmas trees I found in JoAnn's $1 bins)
  • Decorating foam christmas trees
  • Paperplate 'wreath' craft

Books (some of our holiday favorites)

And of course there will be lots of watching of Christmas movies, specials & shows! 

1 comment:

karebear said...

Ah! I LOVE The Sweet Smell of Christmas!


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