Monday, December 6, 2010

Crazy Holiday Fun

Happy Tuesday!!  Ooops, has it been um, 2 weeks since I posted.  Once those turkey leftovers are put away, the holiday rush begins (seriously, I was at Toys R Us at 9 pm on Thanksgiving night lol).  Since then we've been decking the halls, sewing like mad and doing a little kitchen makeover (oh yeah, because nothin says holidays like some end-of-year reno!)  For some incredibly deluded reason, I believed that I could sew a felt advent calendar in a week.  I started it the day before Thanksgiving.  I seriously underestimated the time commitment here (by oh, about a month).  So I'm now sewing an ornament/pocket a day - keeping juuuuuuust ahead of the actual calendar.  But Munchkin doesn't mind - he's happy to have an advent calendar draped over the couch in the evening...

I absolutely {heart} the sew along that Homemade by Jill was doing.  I just jumped on that sew-wagon a teensy bit late ;)  Oh well, it might not be really finished this year, but I'll have a huge jump on next year!

I should have some homemade crafty goodness to share in the next week or so.  Until then...the best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear :)

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