Thursday, February 17, 2011

Special K fun

Now that my favorite candy holiday is over, I'm ready to lose these pesky 20 pounds (again).  Last fall I tried to drop some chub-a-bub before the holiday season started.  Sooo here we are again.  Still with these darn 20 pounds.  And summer swimsuits looming in the distance.  Instead of this for lunch

the past few days I've been having this

Oh yeah, I'm doin the Special K Challenge.  I've been eating a Strawberry cereal bar for breakfast, a Strawberry Protien Meal bar for lunch and then another Strawberry cereal bar as an afternoon snack.  Then it's a 'sensible' dinner followed by...nothing.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose something because I'm STARVING. 

In the interest of keepin it reals - the cereal bars are pretty good.  I'd eat them as a regular snack.  But the protien bars, in spite of looking delicious, are kinda gross.  They have the chalky ickiness that all protien bars seem to have.  But, I'm only in it for 2 weeks, so I'm suckin it up.  (If someone's tried a non-chalky icky protein bar pleeeease let me know.) 

I've got 2 days under my belt (hehehe) and another 12 to go :)

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Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

We have Special K adverts before Desperate Housewives begins on tv over here in England. The Special K girl always looks so smug and annoying, I want to pinhc her!! So bad of me. ;-)



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