Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Very Wet Apple Festival

This past Saturday was cold, rainy and muddy.  But you couldn't stop us from attending our annual Apple Festival.  And, dare I say, we had just as much fun as we would have if it were a beautiful day.  After all my gushing last week, I had to post a few pictures:

We rode the school bus to the site - oh the excitement Munchkin has to ride this school bus...and look for cows...because the only thing that can make a ride on a school bus better is cows!

We bought one of those pumpkins carved out of a log using only chainsaws (yes, multiple chainsaws).  We watched, in the pouring rain, the chainsaw artist (seriously, I'm not sure what to call him) carve a pumpkin from beginning to end.  Munchkin LOVED every.single.soggy.second.  We had to buy the pumpkin.  It called to us.

And then Hubber had to lug it around for the rest of the day. 

We checked out some antique tractors.

 We (and by we, I mean my mom, sisters and I) spent some quality time with the craft tents.

We listened, and Munchkin danced, to a banjo band (ok, I might have danced too...I'm weird like that...thankfully no one captured it on film)

And we bought a bunch o that can only mean one thing.  There will be apple recipes upcoming.  And possibly apple crafting.  Although it hurts me to sacrifice an apple. 

And here is our wood-carved pumpkin in his new spot.

And here is Munchkin carving it with his chainsaw.  Of course he has a chainsaw - don't all 4 year olds?

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