Friday, September 5, 2014

Chuck Norris Celebrates It...and You Should Too

World Beard Day.  Oh yes, it's a thing.  My husband has sported a beard ever since he could grow one...around the age of 5 or so.  I was paging through a holiday-a-day site awhile back and spotted this gem of a celebration day.  Luckily for us, WBD falls on a Saturday this year.  We'll be celebrating with faux beards (for me and the boys)...some gag gifts...and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory - because beards love cheesecake - its a little known fact.  In case you would like to celebrate WBD, I've included the following little roundup of awesome.  And for more bearded fun, check out my Pinterest board!

Funny story - My husband and I were set up by my aunt.  Apparently my now hubs was lamenting about the lack of awesome women out there - it was his good fortune that he was complaining to the very person that could save him from his plight.  That June day my Aunt L called me to see if I'd be interested in meeting someone from her work.  Her description of him was, 'He's cute; maybe not someone you'd want to marry, but I'm sure he'd be alot of fun'.  I was 22 at the time - so sure, I was up for anything.  My only question - 'he doesn't have any facial hair does he?'  She assured me that he did not.  The day of our date we met at my aunt's house...imagine my surprise when he turned out to have a FULL BEARD...and a nice butt...and it turns out he is alot of fun.

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Melissa Wand said...

Yeah! A beard is quite a cool thing, when you don't have problems with it. My hubby has never worn a beard. Now he's thinking about it. I'm not against it, but I think there is a possibility of getting hurt by it. The hair may be hard.
Melissa from


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