Monday, May 3, 2010


Ever since the hubs and I have been together, spring marks the beginning of 'Project Season'.  Now that we have a little Snugbug, he wants in on the project fun.  He already has quite a tool collection, but last weekend Mimaw and Poppy brought over a Little Tikes circular saw, jigsaw and safety goggles.  Let me tell you, nothing spells awesome like power tools!  To celebrate this year's Project Season, this week we're having some tool-themed fun :)

Letter of the Week: T
Crafty, Creative, Sensory Fun:
  • T is for Tools letter craft
  • The Right Tool matching game (match the tool to the tool's action)
  • Stomp-style tool makin music
  • Lots of pretend building
  • The Tool Song (to the Wheels on the Bus melody)
  • This is the Way We Swing our Hammer

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