Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Big Boy's Birthday Party

Happy Wednesday!  I just realized that I never posted the few handmade bits from Mr Birthdaypotamus' birthday bash.  Since the little one is obsessed with cars (lets just say I might have the entire Cars movie memorized) he wanted his birthday theme to be Cars.  Since this Mama wanted to be able to reuse the birthday decorations for a few years, we went with a little more vanilla theme for the handmade stuff.  He still had Cars invites and plates and cake (from a local bakery - I do not do cakes!) with a little festive bunting and wreath to use for years to come:

First up the oh-so-popular balloon wreath.  These babies are all over blogland and I wanted one for myself.  I didn't have any floral prong-y things (yep, I'm pretty sure that's the technical term), so I used a combination of straight pin and hot glue to adhere all those balloons on.

And here is the Happy Birthday felt bunting that I am oh-so-proud of.  This was pretty simple - cut out 13 big circles (I used a bowl for the size) and 13 smaller circles (big cup).  Then I printed out a simple Arial font and hand-cut the letters out of dark brown felt.  Another 13 snips of colorful ribbon and I was all ready to hot glue these babies together (sorry mom, no hand stiching here).  I love that I can get it out year after year and just string it across the mantle.

Ok, so I didnt' really make the birthday hat, but I did put it on top of the light post.  Surprisingly, most of the guests didn't even notice it.  How do you not notice a birthday hat on a light post?!?

And finally, one little pic of the birthday boy.  In Elton John glasses... that say Happy Birthday.  Yeah, this picture is going to haunt him later ;)

Oh, and the birthday boy's dirty little secret - he doesn't like birthday cake.  Nope.  Not at all.  So he's eating one of the chocolate 'tire' donuts.  Bought especially for him.  Because he LOVES donuts :)

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