Monday, November 22, 2010

Lil Gobbler Garland

Happy Monday!!  I can't believe Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK!  Where did this year go?  Since the mantle has been pretty much swagged for every holiday...season...whim this year, obviously I had to make something for Thanksgiving.  And because Mr Gobbleupagus is only 3, I went with a colorful turkey theme:

It was nice and easy to put together - it took me one full Sunday (and if I was faster on the sewing machine, it would've gone a little quicker).  I just cut out my turkey parts pattern from an old file folder:

Bought some felt and a few fat quarters:

And went to town making turkeys :)  The turkey body is two pieces of brown felt, sewn together.  Each of the feathers is a piece of cotton sewn on top of a coordinating piece of felt.  Once all the pieces were sewn, I simply hot-glued everything together (including the little beak) and then hot glued the finished turkey to the ribbon. 

Once all the turkeys were glued on, I just added a little rag strip treatment in between each of the them and viola - gobbler garland.


Van said...

VERY cute blog :) And your turkeys came out so adorable! I like the diversity of fabrics used.

karebear said...

Ah! I love this!


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