Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Love a Rainy Night

Ah, spring showers!  There's something so lovely about waking up to a fresh spring rain.  And since rain is exactly what's on the forecast in my neck of the woods, here's a shower of Pinterest lovelies:

1 Lovely little hoop (source)
2 Showers of love (source)
3 Gorgeous lunch! (source)
4 And I do love a rainbow! (source)
5 There's something about bouquets and galloshes that makes me swoon (source)
6 Beautiful paper art (source)
7 More often than not, I just get wet - here's to remembering to feel the rain :) (source)
8 My favorite kind of 'shower' (source)


Ladybird Ln said...

What sweet ideas! Maybe I live under a rock but what is Pinterest!

Have a great day,

Tracy said...

I love your charming images! They put a smile on my face. We are having a gloomy, rainy day here too. It's good - I have work to do and my spring fever has been a little distracting!

MarieElizabeth said...

A very cute collection of rain photos. Nice way to look brightly on some gloomy days.

High Street Cottage said...

I have the honor of being your "linky neighbor" over at Show and Tell Friday, thanks for sharing your ideas and images, I love Spring Showers too!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

What a cute collection of items. Love the Bob Marley quote and the paper art umbrella.

Charcoal and crayons said...

I love the rain too! I'm writing that Bob Marley quote down right now! Thanks for sharing.

Lindsey @ Inspiring Creations said...

I really need to figure out how to use Pinterest! Thanks for the great ideas! :)

Sue@creativetryals.blogspot.com said...

Raindrops and umbrellas look so lovely how you have put them together. Thank you for the sources!
Thanks for visiting my blog too!
I obviously LOVE your stuff because I have clicked on your blog quite a few times now. Following you back!

Alexis said...

I am addicted to Pinterest! Great images but I am so tired of the rain I am ready for some sun :)
Thanks so much for all of your comments, glad we found each other your blog is fabulous!

At The Picket Fence said...

Oh, I wish I could say that I love waking up to rain! But since it is pretty much always in the forecast in the NW I'm definitely ready for some sunshine. Your lovely images do help cheer things up a bit though and we are so glad you shared them with us at Inspiration Friday! :-)

Ginger said...

Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!


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