Sunday, April 10, 2011

Need A Plumber?

Because I know of a great one - and he'll work for chocolate chip cookies!  We were visiting my mom this weekend when she mentioned that her kitchen sink had started dripping. 

My Mom:  I'm going to have to call a plumber, the kitchen faucet started dripping
Munchkin:  How about you take me home, I get my tools and then we come back here and I'll fix your sink.
My Mom:  Oh!  Well, it will take a while to go to your house and then drive all the way back here.  I don't think we have that much time today.
Munchin:  {Thinking...thinking}  Ok.  Don't worry Grandma!  We can use YOUR tools.  Now go get them.  And we'll fix your sink in no time.

(At this point we're trying really hard not to laugh)

My Mom:  I don't think I have the right kind of tools, Sweetie. 
Munchkin:  {exasperated sigh} Well then, just take me home and I'll get MY tools.
My Mom: I'll tell you what - if it's still dripping the next time you come over, you can bring your tools and fix it
Munchkin:  Well, Ok

And let me tell you, Munchkin has a memory like an elephant - he'll definitely remember!


Otter Hill Designs said...

Love his tool room! You are going to be soooo happy to have a handy-man son when he's all grown up and you really do need a plumber that one day.

Cherie said...

that is too cute. My MonkeyMan always has his tools ready when something needs to be fixed.


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