Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pin on a Little Irish

Did anyone else have a pin for every holiday when they were little?  Was that an '80s fad?  Or does my neck of the woods just abhor pins? 

I decided that we needed some lucky shamrock pins for St Patrick's Day.  These little cuties are quick and easy and sure to be a lucky charm ;)

Draw (or print) a little shamrock on a piece of cardstock (try not to be jealous of my mad drawing skills hahahaha) and cut it out to use as your main template

Using the template, cut a small shamrock out of felt

Then using the felt shamrock as a template, cut a second shamock a little larger, in a complimentary color of felt

To add a little bit of embellishment, embroider a running stitch around the small shamrock

Using a whip stitch, sew a small saftey pin to the back-center of the larger shamrock

Hot glue the small shamrock to the larger shamrock

Pin on a little Irish :)


DANA said...

I found this post through Making the World Cuter and wanted to say how much I like it! I would also love for you to link up with me at Saturday Mornings if you haven't been by yet! Everyone is welcome and prizes are awarded monthly to those who join in! Here is the link if you want to "Strut Your Stuff!"

Otter Hill Designs said...

What a cute little pin! I'm going to try this technique using other shapes! Thanks for the inspiration!

Robin said...

how adorable!
Your blog is wondermus...
All Things Heart and Home

Lindsey @ Inspiring Creations said...

So cute! Thanks for stopping by and linking! :)


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