Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Santa Baby

Sorry it's been quiet...again.  We've been hit by a virus...again.  I can't wait for spring!

My Munchkin is a teensy bit stubborn.  Ok, he's a little mule.  If he doesn't want to do something, no amount of bribery will make him do it.  Sometimes I resort to threats.  Specifically threats of calling Santa.  Something like, "N, if you don't start cleaning up by the time I count to 3, I'm going to have to call Santa".  The fear of no toys for Christmas is enough to send him scampering. 

Fast forward to last night at bed time.  Munchkin is snuggled into bed with his Hippo (which is really Eeore, but we won't go into that), story read, goodnight song sung, me walking out of his room.  And then:

Munchkin:  Can I have a drink of waaaaater.
Me:  No, you had a drink of water already and one drink is the limit
Munchkin:  {opens his hand and holds it to his ear, like he's holding a cell phone}  Hello.  Santa?  Yes, hi.  This is N.  Mommy is.not.listening.  Ok, thanks Santa.  I'll let her know.
Me: {surpressing laughter}
Munchkin  {hangs up his imaginary phone} Santa says you need to listen to my words.
Me:  Hmm.  Santa must not know about our one drink of water limit.
Munchkin:  Oh.  No, he pwobably doesn't.  Ok Mommy, go downstairs.

I'm thinking that the Santa threat is no longer going to be effective...

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Humble Homemaker said...

lol, hilarious! I love the things kids come out with. What special memories. :) I hope you are feeling better! Take care.
Humble Homemaking


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