Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bling Your Pics

Happy Tuesday!  Today's Tipsy Tuesday post is a fun little tip for capturing shimmery (ie. glittery) objects without a special filter.  A sweet SLR has been on my list of wants for a little while now.  I have a hard time justifying the cost, especially since I'm not a 'real' photographer.  The whole reason that I have point & click is that I really don't know much about photography.  I know, I know, I could learn.  But really, I'm a little overscheduled as it is ;)  So I've been playing a little more with my little Cannon Elph.  And I found a cool little feature.  When set to 'Beach' or 'Snow' mode, pictures that include glittery items, actually look glittery.  I know, it sounds weird, but the glitter in the pictures kinda sparkles:

Maybe this is something that everyone (except me) already knows, but I thought I'd pass it along just in case :)

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