Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hours of Preschooler Fun

Happy Tuesday!  Today's tip is a toy.  A toy, you ask?  Last week, my awesome friend S bought Sir Stinkypoo this hide-and-go-seek egg:

I wasn't quite sure that Munchkin would have the patience to play 'find the egg'.  After all, my Tasmanian Devil typically whirls through his toys in about 6.2 seconds.  I.Was.Wrong.  I opened it up for him on Staurday morning and we've already logged at least 3 hours of egg hunting fun!  He LOVES finding the egg - I think it might be the challenge that he loves so much (um..light bulb, Mom).  The ever-changing hiding spot keeps things interesting.  And adding to the fun, the adorable little egg talks every 5-10 seconds, saying things like 'Yoohoo, I'm over here!' or 'I'm hiding'.  He is SO proud of himself when he finds it.  Thank you, S, for your amazing thoughtfulness! 

In case anyone is interested in these eggs, they're made by Techno Source and you can buy them here.


Kelli said...

Love this! My son has a collection of plastic Easter eggs he just carries around (SO funny), so I think he'd love this. Not sure he's old enough to get it yet, though; how old is your munchkin?

Randy said...

does this egg have a name? i would love to get some for my grandkids!

Sweet Little Smoothie said...

Kelli - how cute! My little guy is 2 1/2 now. Seeing how much he loves it (and how hard the hiding places have become), I think that he probably would have liked it even 6 months ago (if that helps at all)

Kelli said...

I also found some on ebay just searching "Hide em Find em". I'm pretty sure we'll be buying one. Thanks for sharing!

Gina F said...

My daughter is 8 years old and she got some for Easter. She loves to play with them with her friends. They are so much fun and never to old to play with. HAVE A NICE FAB DAY!!!

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Randy said...

Thanks so much!!!


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