Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pillows for My Boys

Happy Wednesday!  Woo Hoo my bookcases are finished.  Well, they're built and painted, but I still have some crafting and shopping to do before I'm ready to reveal them (they want to look they're best!).  So instead, here's what I was working on while the hubs and my lil tool guy were finishing up the bookcases:

Yes, that is a peek at the bookcase (I'm such a tease).  Both the hubster and the Stinkerpoo love to lay on the floor, wrestle on the floor, nap on the floor (ok, that's the hubs) - you get the picture.  I'm always yelling at them asking them nicely to quit using my pretty pillows as weapons/wrestling dummies/drool catchers.  So I decided to make them some big floor-type pillows.  I bought 4 cheap bed pillows at Walmart and a few yards of this lovely beige ticking.  A few hours with my iron and sewing machine and the boys have some pillows that they can call their own.  Although, now that I look at them... they almost look too pretty to use ;)


Robyn said...

Those pillows are fabulous! I LOVE them!

Rene @ cottage and vine said...

Those pillows are perfect and thanks for reminding me to look at Walmart for cheap pillows. Ticking is one of my favorite fabrics and the very thing for little boys :)

Jilly said...

Those pillows are really great. Ticking is one of my favorite fabrics and I always searching for same design in pillow cover and bed sheets.
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