Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Little Piggy... covered in Chalkboard paint and is so cute :)  I've been seeing alot of numbered items out there.  I love things with numbers on them.  I love things with letters on them.  I even love fonts (really, is it weird to love fonts?)  Here's my slightly whimsical take on numbered cuties:

I picked up 3 little piggy banks from the Dollar Store - here's what they looked like before

Then I just coated them in a few layers of plain old black paint and then another two thin layers of chalkboard paint (I really love the super matte look of chalkboard paint!) 

The numbers are written stenciled in chalk.  I thought I'd go with something a little prettier than my own handwriting.  Since a Cricut is still on my wish list, I just printed out the numbers onto plain paper.  Then I cut them out (with scissors no less) and used the stencil to chalk on the numbers.  I am loving these 3 little pigs!  Now I just have to find a home for them in the my little Piglet's room :)


Kimmy said...

Those are so precious!! I love the number font you choose! Such a cute idea to cover them in chalkboard paint.

Stephanie Lynn said...

Super cute! Love the chalkboard paint! Would love to have you stop by the Sunday Showcase Party if you get a chance! The numbers on them are very cool!

Stephanie Lynn said...

I just adore these little piggies! Thanks so much for stopping by and joining the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful week. Hope to see you again next Sunday! ~ Stephanie Lynn


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