Monday, April 26, 2010

Rawr Dinosaur!

Happy Monday!  My little guy LOVES dinosaurs so it is really high time that we have a dinosaur themed week!  His love of dinosaurs started with the song 'We Are the Dinosaurs' by the Laurie Berkner Band we he was only 18 months and it has been full blown love ever since.  Here are the Roar-tivities that we have planned for this week:

Letter of the Week: D
Crafty Creative Sensory Fun:

  • D is for Dinosaur Letter Craft
  • Dino Matching Memory Game
  • Homemade Dinosaur Eggs
  • Dinosaur Tail for dress up
  • Dino Dig (in the back yard)
  • We are the Dinosaurs
Saturday Movie:
  • Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 

For more Munchkin Fun (or to see posts on our activities this week), stomp on over to Sweet Little Munckin :)

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paulstickland said...

Thanks so much!
Glad you like those dinos!
You can find out more about my dinosaur books and DinosaurStores at

or my blog
Free dinosaur colouring pages and dinosaur pop ups at
Happy Roaring!!


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