Monday, April 5, 2010


Happy Monday!  This week's Munchkin Theme is Trucks.  The little Munchkin is a capital B.O.Y.  He loves all things tools, transportation and dirt.  He has loved trucks from day one.  He points out every single truck that we encounter.  If he even hears something that sounds like a truck, he strains to catch a glimpse.  Much to the delight of our garbage men (I'm sure, lol), Peanut squeals with joy at the sound of the garbage truck coming down the street.  He watches (and gives a complete play-by-play) until the garbage truck is completely out of sight.  So obviously we needed to have a truck week!  Here's a list of our truck-tivities:

Letter of the Week: T
Crafty Creative and Sensory Fun:

  • T is for Truck Letter Craft
  • Truck Tire Painting
  • Shape Garbage Truck (idea from No Time for Flashcards)
  • Truck Fill & Dump Activity
  • Dump Truck Craft (made from recyclables)
  • Truck Shaped Fruit Salad
  • Pizza 'tires'
  • Macaroni & Cheese Wheels
For more Munckin Fun (or to see posts on the afore mentioned activites), drive on over to Sweet Little Munchkin

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