Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Along Came a Spider...

Happy Wednesday!  Here's a ridiculously simple and tiny addition to my Halloween decor:

I've seen them all over bloggyland and I love them!  Here's what I used:
  • a tiny Dollar Store frame
  • some black scrapbook paper
  • one spider ring (ah ah ah ah)
  • Modge Podge
  • gorgeous aqua glitter - I bought a sampler pack of superfine glitter from JoAnn's for about $4
I'm sure this is completely intuitive, but here's the steps anyway:
  • snip off the ring part with scissors
  • lightly coat the top of the spider with Modge Podge
  • cover liberally in glitter
  • lightly coat the bottom of the spider with Modge Podge
  • cover liberally in glitter
  • go back and touch up any spots not fully coated in glitter
  • let your glittery spider dry
  • glue the spider onto the scrapbook paper (I used hot glue for instant gratification)
  • frame you little 'weener decoration
Sure, I know aqua isn't a traditional Halloween color but it just pops off the black paper, especially in the evening!  I might make a few more to 'ween-o-fy a few more spots in the house :)


karebear said...

I love this! Anything with glitter and I'm all about it.

And I very much love the count reference(ah ah ah ah) after the one spider. haha: )

Modern Country Style said...

I really like that frazme. I can't believe it was so cheap. It's all weatrhered and lovely.

And I love the BLUE!



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