Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday 20 Pound Update

Happy Tuesday! So I have one thing to say about this challenge - Halloween candy.  Darn, darn Halloween candy.  I give myself some latitude on the weekends - I don't count calories, but I do work out.  We bought some Halloween candy this weekend.  I have eaten lots... 

On a more positive note...I've been increasing my treadmill intensity and I'm really excited with my progress :)  I'm jogging at 4.4 mph which is crazy fast for me.  If you are super fit and reading this, please try not to choke on your laughter.  And, I didn't mention it in the first post, but part of this challenge is also to increase my overall health.

Years and years ago I bought 8 Weeks to Optimal Health by Dr. Weil.  And every year (sometimes multiple times) I try to do the program.  I have never made it past week 4.  I'm giving it another attempt since I'm sure having Optimal Health will undoubtedly include losing these pesky 20 pounds!  *Totally book related stuff here*  I've been good about eating the broccoli a few times a week and I'm taking my daily vitamins (If you knew me, you'd know this is a big thing).  I haven't gotten rid of all the 'bad' food yet - there are still crackers and pretzels and granola bars in my pantry.  In the words of Bob: Baby steps...

Oh, and as for that Halloween candy (I'm totally eating a piece right now, doh!).  I figured crafting with it means that less will find it's way into my mouth:

Yep, it's a candy corn tree.  Well, where do you think candy corn comes from?!?

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Modern Country Style said...

Just thought you'd like to know that, while I admire your efforts,you look gorgeous in your photos.:-)



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