Monday, October 25, 2010

A Haunting We Will Go

Happy Monday!!  Today (at 9:14 am) is Munchkin's official birthday.  After two days of labor and 5 hours of pushing, my stubborn little Stinkerpotamus made his dramatic entry into the world - and indeed, the world has never been the same {tear}  We celebrated alllll weekend long and had big family bash on Saturday - I'll post some of the birthday decorations later this week...  But onto the next holiday - Halloween!  This week's theme can only be spooktacular (oh how I crack myself up)

Letter of the Week: H
Crafty, Creative, Sensory Fun:
  • H is for Haunted House
  • Ghostly shaving cream painting
  • Halloween sensory tub
  • Rock o Lanterns
  • Panning for Halloween 'gold' (candy corn)
  • Marshmallow ghost picture
  • Halloween sticker bonanza



Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I really love the way you put your weeks together like this.

You sound as though you do it all so efficiently and well.

Five hours pushing? Oh, you poor thing.

I always think the mother should get an extra present on their children's birthdays for getting them out in the first place!!

anne said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog
creativesouthernhome.blogspot. It is always fun to meet new friends!


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