Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday Fun!

Happy Monday!  Next Monday is Munchkin's 3rd Birthday!  Soooo, this week's Munchkin theme is all things birthday :)  I want to start some fun birthday traditions like a birthday countdown (with little gifties every day), a fun birthday breakfast on the day of and picking out toys to donate.  I know, I know, he's going to be spoiled rotten - but he's an only child and I love a fuss!  Ok, on to our Birthday-tivites!

Letter of the Week: B
Creative, Crafty, Sensory Projects:
  • B is for Birthday Cake letter craft
  • Cupcake match memory game
  • Birthday sensory construction site (rice, sprinkles, pompon boulders, candles, cars & trucks)
  • Balloon counting game


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