Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today I went to a thrift store for the first time.  This obviously has nothing to do with tomatoes (as the aptly named title would suggest); Bear with me a moment.  I found the perfect frame to turn into a memo board, some soon-to-be-cloches and a candle stick.  Munchkin had a bit of a meltdown when I wouldn't let him get a broken radio.

But then I came home to a beautiful site.  Hubbers weeded my badly neglected tomato bed.  And staked the tomatoes.  And now they look like this

Yay for tomatoes...and Hubbers :)

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Kirsten @ Mushki Loves said...

Your tomatoes look great! You went to the thriftstore for the first time? Oh my gosh! I love it! I was so ANTI-thriftstore until about 6 mos. ago. I go through withdrawls sometimes because I feel like I have to go check it out because I might miss out on something great!


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