Saturday, January 1, 2011

21 Day Organizing Challenge - Day 1

What have I gotten myself into??  Day 1 of the challenge is organizing a junk drawer.  I don't have a catch-all junk drawer but I do have a kind of camera catch all for things I use regularly (like my point and shoot, DSLR and video camera and their respective USB cords).  Somehow over the past year it also became filled with random bibs, baby washcloths and some odds and ends.

Here's the before:
And now:
Ahhh, so much better.  Bibs tossed - check!  Washcloths relocated - check!  Odds and ends returned to their respective spots - check!  That big blank space is where my DSLR goes, but I was taking the picture with it...

Ok, onto Day 2

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