Monday, January 31, 2011

Where Does One Go To Buy A Furnace?

Last night, in the middle of the night, we woke up to the smell of something burning.  After a frantic check of the house (inside and out) we pinpointed the source of the smell to the heating vents.  So we bundled up and went, at 3:00 am to my mom's house.  The HVAC guys confirmed that we need a new furnace.  It was 30 years old.  It lived a good life.  So tomorrow new furnace & ac for us (woohoo!) 

Being the 3 year old that he is, Munchkin was burning with questions a little curious about why we'd be having another sleepover at Grandma's.  Broken furnace, we explained.  Munchkin thought about it for a minute and then his face lights up - "I have an idea" (yes, this is one of his new phrases) "let's just buy a new one at Walmart!"  Try to suppress laughter when your oh-so-serious and oh-so-proud-of-himself little boy says that.  I dare you.  I swear I gave myself a headache.  And note to self...spend less time at Walmart.

Clearly we spend waaaaay too much time at Walmart!


Chris said...

LOL! My boys think you can buy anything at Walmart too! Every time they want something they tell me to go to Walmart. It's kinda embarrassing when they do it in front of strangers who must think I live there. OH and if you ask my boys what I like to do they will say I like to shop at Walmart. I am going to start going to Meijer. :)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

That's so sweet. Little children say the sweetest, funniest things, don't they?!! I do try not to laugh but sometimes I just can't contain it and it comes out in a kind of unattractive snort!!



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