Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another Shiny New Year

And a new year has begun - all fresh and shiny new.  Full of possibility and promise.  Oh how I love the New Year!

 I'm a complete type A dork.  There's nothing I like more than writing lists...and setting goals...I dream of my to-do lists...I have lists of lists to make...I wonder if there's a list writers anonymous? 

Wait, where was I?  Oh yeah, the new year.  As a crazy list-o-goal-o-holic, I big puffy heart the New Year.  I love New Year Resolutions like they're my children...except they never throw tantrums...

So in the spirit of sharing here are some of my resolutions for 2011 (in no particular order)

Have more patience - um yeah I'm pretty impatient, most of the time for no reason... I need to make this a more concrete goal, but really I'm not sure how to work it to be more specific, so for now, it's 'have more patience.'

Organize my craft room/office - it's a scary black hole right now...there will be might want to look away

And since I'll be organizing, I'm going to do the 21 Day Challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons (because who doesn't need a little more organization...and I'm addicted to plastic containers...I'm just sayin)

Photo 365 -  I was pretty close last year, but there are still a few days every month that got away from me

Redesign this here blog - I don't like what I've got going on...we need some streamlining

Blog every day - I'm a person that needs a routine to keep up with something

Read to Snugbug every day - this is just one of those on-going goals that I'll have until he's 20...ok, maybe 21

Have a date night in with the Hubbers every week - we have a Saturday-night Netflix date almost every week, but I'd like to add some more fun to it this year

Add waaaaaaay more veggies to our diet - I like veggies...Hubbers does not...he's been winning the fight, but I deem this year, The Year of the Veggie...coming soon to a theater near you

Run on the treadmill 5 days a week - this is an ongoing's a love/hate relationship...we might need counseling

Make a quilt for Munchin - and while I'm at it, redecorate his room to reflect his little boy personality

Dance till the sun comes up (bwaaaahahaha the only way this is happening is if I get up at 5 am and start to boogie)

So are you a resolution maker or a resolution hater?  Link up your resolutions to win a pretty new notebook and pen - perfect for keeping track of those lists!

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