Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Potty Chronicles

Oh the potty.  Munchkin HATES the potty...wants nothing to do with the potty...laughs in the face of potty training.  We have quit pull-ups cold turkey - undies only (ok, except for nap and bed time - I'm not completely crazy).  It has been a fun day.  Munchkin 3, potty 0.


The Thriftress said...

That's what we had to do with out stubborn little boy - straight to undies. I had to bring 2-3 changes of clothes everywhere we went until he finally got it! He will be 5 on the 23rd and he still struggles with the potty some times. I hope it goes more smoothly for you!

Melanna said...

Oh that was my Oct/Nov/and a bit of December with my 2 year old! Someone wise told me to skip the whole pull up thing, even at night and naps. I thought they were crazy, but you know what? In those three months she peed the bed less than 10 times. We would limit how much she would drink in the hours before bed (sometimes that's hard to do!) and then a couple of hours after she went to bed we took her to the potty (half-asleep) and most often she would go. She had the whole peeing thing down in less than 2 weeks.
We used pull ups only if we were going out (and really only if we were somewhere that it would be super terrible, inconvenient or embarrassing if she went, so not the back yard or the play ground) and we went through less than one small pack of pull ups before she was trained.
Number 2 was another story and we FAUGHT like crazy over that one. No real tricks to making it work, though once the treats were only for going number 2 there was a bit more incentive. Hmmmm....
Over Christmas she graduated herself to the big potty and I am so happy to have the eye-sore that is a child's potty out of my bathroom!
Good luck, and I wish you a quick success!


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