Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Bevy of Cheapy Crafty Delights

Oh the delightful Dollar Store! A few short months ago I was oblivious to the joy of the Dollar Store. And then one day...I saw it - I clicked on a link from somewhere, it was a link on a crafty blog (I have no idea which one - it was during one of my bloggy crafty binging sessions and I was clicking like a mad woman). I swear I heard a chorus of angels singing when I clicked. Oh.My.Goodness. Crafty ideas for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. Sure I went in the Dollar Store now and again, looking for wrapping paper or cheap party supplies. But I never realized the wealth of crafty treasures hidden among the shelves. There I sat, clicking through craft after craft, my inspiration growing with each new project. The very next day I went to the Dollar Store with new eyes...and I spied an ugly little bird, a truly hideous painted candlestick and glittery mini easter eggs. And then to Walmart for two $3 vases and Kmart for two $3 candlesticks. Add in a little paint and glue and here is what I ended up with:

Oh how I love these!! I wish I had taken before photos - bad bad me! So let's have a breakdown shall we?
  • Glass vase from Walmart: $3
  • Glass candlestick from KMart: $3
  • Glitter turned Robin Eggs: $1 (plus paint)
  • Flirty birdy (c' can see it right?): $1 (plus paint)
  • Candlestick: $1 (plus paint)
So that's a grand total of...$9 for this little vingette (not including the paint that was on hand). Under ten dollars! For all that lovliness! I am officially addicted to cheap crafting - especially since if it's not cheap, it's not in my budget! Let's have a little comparison of what I could have spent for all this:
  • Glass Pedestal Vase from PB: $39
  • Robin Eggs from PB: $14
  • Ceramic Bird from Target: $5 (I saw a similar one there a month or so ago)
  • Candlestick from PB: $24
For a grand total of ...$82 That means I saved 73 dollars! Now I know my time has to account for something, but still! The three items probably took 60-90 minutes total. At that rate I would have to be charging at least $48 an hour. The difference in price is AMAZING. And the bonus of saying that I made it whenever someone compliments one of the items... Ok, I'm HOPING someone will compliment something - otherwise I would have to figure out how to throw it into conversation. Me: "What's that - you're going to Hawaii for vacation? Have you seen my awesome robin eggs handmade by moi?" See - that might make for akward conversation ;)

Here's the brilliant tutorial for turning glitter eggs into lovely Robin Eggs:

And here's the equally brilliant tutorial for turning a vase & candlestick into a pedestal vase:

Happy Crafting!

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Kaysi said...

That looks so great!
I absolutely love the dollar store, too bad I don't have one and have to drive a long 50 miles to get to one.


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