Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stepping Outside my Comfort Zone into...a Quilt?!?

Happy Wednesday!  Today's Whateva Wednesday post is about stepping outside your comfort zone.  This week I fought a parking ticket and won :)  It's not the fact that I won that makes me so happy (although that's some pretty sweet icing), it's that I fought it at all.  I was nervous...I was not in control (which I loathe!)...I was stretching myself...and it feel oddly exilerating.  And how, you ask, does this pertain to craftiness or homemaking?   Well, my personal crafty comfort zone has traditionally been painting, decoupaging, paper arts, etc.  I've even dabbled in crocheting and once made a blanket the size of my living room (really, it was ridiculously huge).  But sewing...not so much.  Patterns TERRIFY me.  I break into a cold sweat just thinking about Butterick.  I lost the foot pedal to my sewing machine nearly two years ago and just ordered a replacement.  Sewing from a pattern is waaaay outside my comfort zone.  And yet, I long to make a quilt.  To me, a quilt is homey comfort - a warm hug from the maker (and I am all about warm hugs, lol).  Spurred on by my temporary high of victory over my comfort zone, I'm adding a quilt for my little guy's toddler bed to my official list of projects.  I figure that writing it down out in bloggyland will help to keep my accountable (even though I am still terrified by the thought!)  Here are a two of my personal favorite quilts right now:

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kara_124 said...

Good luck with this! That second quilt with all the squares is too cute.

I've always wanted to try quilting. Maybe one day when I feel empowered too. In the mean time, I'll stick to my knitting needles: )


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