Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Draggin It

So I'm pretty into themes - I know, I'm sure it's a form of OCD.  Anyways...I decided that Wednesdays would be the day that I just blog about whateva.  Funny pictures, new crafty ideas, whatever.  So here for my first ever whateva post...I give to you my little cross dresser:

Yes, those are Mommy's shoes.  Yes, Mommy really should have carried them upstairs and put them away.  Yes, they do make an oh-so-fun clackity clack noise on the lovely hardwood floors.  Now, you will see in picture #1, Daddy's shoes are right there for the taking.  And usually, snuggle butt (I know...I can't wait until he's older and is embarrassed beyond belief) DOES take Daddy's shoes.  But not today.  Today he decided that pumps were the way to go.  Oh buddy - I cannot wait to break these out in oh...about 14 years or so... LOL

Happy Wednesday!

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