Saturday, March 6, 2010

So Many Ideas...So Little Time

Happy Weekend!  I’ve been spending spending (maybe a little too much) time searching out new blogs and ideas. I can’t believe the vast amount creativity out there! I am now subscribed to 500+ blogs and I’m sure there are a few hundred (maybe thousand!) more amazing, inspiring, creative blogs out there.  Now, while I LOVE all the crafty inspiration binging, it's time to get busy actually making some stuff.  Here's a list of my currently scheduled projects and some links to the inspirations behind them:

Obviously this one at 3 Three and Under is a Valentine's version, but I think one done in pretty pastels would be a fun, whimsical addition to my Easter mantel decor

Toolbelt for my little toolman:
I love, love, love this toolbelt from Make it and love it!  I'm thinking of using a heavy canvas so that it matches Daddy's a little closer, but I love the design - simple, clean lines, perfection *sigh*  Is it weird that I love toolbelt patterns?!?

Crepe Paper Flower Balls:
These crepe paper balls from House of Smith's are everything that I love - inexpensive, gorgeous and no special hardware (ahem, Cricut) required.  I'm making a much smaller version to put in  a bowl or wire cage that I just happen to have lying around ;)

I also have a few St. Patrick's Day ideas up my sleeve, but you'll have to tune in next week to see what I come up with :)

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