Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Craft Countdown

Happy Wednesday!  Easter baskets pose a challenge to me.  Is it just me?  Am I just not thinking outside the basket (heheheh)?  Sure, candy is the star, but one little munchkin can only eat so much sugar (I'm sure he would disagree with me on that).  Bunny bum's basket will have some requisite candy (Sarris mmmmm), but we'll also be including cars (stuffed into the plastic eggs), books and a nice chunk of his basket will be filled with sidewalk chalk.  Now, I couldn't just put a plain old box of sidewalk chalk in :) 

I started with a plain white pail from the Dollar Store

A little chalkboard spraypaint and now it's bunny-worthy:

And just because I can't have less than a hundred projects going at one time, here's a list of the other things that I'm trying to get wrapped up before the weekend:
Whew!  Well, I'd better get busy - have a wonderful Wednesday!

5 comments: said...

Awesome i love this idea!!!
Ty for the share:)

I am so glad I stumbled across your blog:) You have a new follower:)
I also wanted to invite you to stop by and check out my site for moms.
It is a small community of moms. Even though it is small it is still a great place:)

karebear said...

I never knew how easy spray chalkboard paint many ideas are running through my head now! haha thanks for the inspiration: )

FrouFrouBritches said...

How cute! Chalkboard paint rocks, doesn't it? I find myself wanting to chalboard paint everything in sight!

Lisa said...

Hi and Happy Easter! Thanks for visiting my blog - I checked yours out too! WHAT is that cute Easter Rag Garland all about??? Did you talk about it on an earlier post? It looks like such a great way to use up fabric scraps. My 9 year old is a crafty girl....looks like something she and I could do. Love your fun ideas. :)

Lisa Scibilia

Jenn said...

I've never tried chalkboard paint but I desperately need something to put all my kids chalk in! Always rolling around my garage floor. I found you at Delicious Ambiguity :) From Jenn @ Jenn's Corner of Heaven.


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