Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Evernote Rocks

Welcome to Tipsy Tuesday! No - not that kind o tipsy. The actual tip kind. As in, here's a tip that makes my life easier (ok, I DO see how the other kind of tipsy would apply to the previous sentence, but really, not that kind of tipsy)

So, today's tip - the AMAZING personal online note repository Evernote. I {heart} Evernote! I love it so much, that I might need a 12-step progam someday. No - I'm not paid to say that. And, no - I have zero affiliation with Evernote, other than I'm a user and I LOVE it! I have an oh-so-slight addicition to organizing. You would think that this means I'm totally organized... I'M NOT. I just love the idea of being organized and all the fun organizing stuff. I have alot of information swimming around in my head at any given moment (yeah, I'm sure noooo one else has that right?) and I really just needed a place to dump it all. Enter my favorite in-the-cloud site: http://www.evernote.com/. Here's they're tagline:
So, what makes it awesome you ask? Well let's fire up the bullet list:
  • It's FREE (yeah that goes a long way towards awesome for me)
  • You can create whatever folder/tagging structure works for you
  • You can share one or more notebooks (really just a big folder o info) - i used it for Christmas lists this year
  • You get 40 MB of free monthly storage - I have NEVER come close to needing more monthly storage
  • You can email straight into it - I cannot tell you how much I love that functionality
  • There's a mobile version - another HUGE reason that I love it! Hello grocery list available from anywhere...
  • It's completely searchable...completely

And how do I use it? Lists, lists and more lists:

  • Links and tutorials to all of the crafty ideas that are on my to-do-someday list
  • my regular grocery list along with special grocery lists (for freezer cooking, baking, etc)
  • errand lists (because I am forever wandering around a store wondering what it was that I needed)
  • gift lists including sizes & preferences (you never know when you'll find a perfect something for your Aunt Matilda, but be unsure on whether she needs a petite)
  • wish lists (hmmm - maybe this one I should share with the likes of my husband and family)
  • brain dump lists to be dealt with later (so that I can shush the voices and get some sleep)

Ok, I'm starting to make myself sick. But, really it is an awesome application. It has made my life quite a bit more organized and smooth - and all for FREE :)

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