Sunday, March 28, 2010

Whoa! Who moved my calendar ahead!

Wow - where did that time between Valentine's Day and Palm Sunday go?  I swear some one's playing a trick on me - it's still February, right?!?  Where, oh where, has the time flown to?  I have a few things on my Easter crafty to-do list completed, but I'm really going to have to go into overdrive this week.  I only had a few things planned for my little nooshkin (oh yes, I just make up nauseating words as nicknames) and those are all finished.  I'll be posting sneak peaks of his goodies through the week.  Now I just have a gazillion home crafts and something to whip up for my mom & mom-in-law. In the meantime, here's a little preview of the happy home decorating that I have been able to accomplish...

The ceramic bunny is a cookie jar from Target (last year).  The ceramic lettuce/cabbage is from Tuesday Morning years ago - when I bought it I had NO IDEA what the heck I would do with it, but I loved it.

Here's a little vignette that features my newsprint eggs (in the little basket) and my Dollar Store tin tray redux.  The little chicks are salt & pepper shakers that I bought at Kmart last year (aren't they the cutest little things!)

Here's a basket that the munchkin received from Mimaw (his pronunciation of Grandma) last year.  I love the basket - I have claimed it as mine (hehehe)

This is a ceramic egg candy dish from JoAnn's (last year) and a package of Dollar Store mini glitter eggs in a small glass apothecary jar (I bought mine at Garden Ridge, but I've seen them at Michael's and JoAnn's too)

And you may remember the instant gratification Easter Tree and Shabby Chic Easter Wreath

Well, that's about all I have up at the moment (which is why I have the gazillion home crafts on my list).  How do you decorate for Easter?

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